Pure oxygen and a blend of 50+ potent vitamin and minerals infused into the skin's tissue.

 Featuring a mild fruit  peel filled with berries and antioxidants to help stimulate the skin's circulation resulting in plumping of fine lines, healing blemishes and dry patches while also providing a fresh renewing glow to the skin.​ Perfect for all skin types and great right before special events.  (60 minutes)              

Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), also known as micro-needling, uses a wand with disposable sterile tips to create "micro channels" underneath the surface of the skin. These channels send a response to your skin cells making them act and regenerate as if they were younger. This cellular life-cycle renewal is summed up as, "jump starting" your own natural collagen and elastin production and kicks it into overdrive. This abundant amount of collagen production transforms the skin's surface in many ways.  Unlike lasers, which utilize heat along with weeks of painful recovery, Collagen Induction does not burn the dermis of the skin. Clients can expect to go back to a normal routine 24 hours after treatment. Exceptional alternative to injectables when compared to cost and longevity of results. Since there are no foreign substances being injected into the body your results will not dissolve away over time. Instead, CIT takes a holistic approach, making this the new gold standard in skin resurfacing and will produce real results while targeting: 

​​​​​​MICRONEEDING                            $199         

THE MODERN FACIAL               $150

3 Treatments in 1 
Microdermabarion or Dermaplaning
30 % Glycolic peel 
Celluma LED Light  Therapy  
Hand + Foot massage 
90 Minutes 


Recharge your skin from the inside out to see an instant difference. This facial starts with an exfoliation to remove old debris revealing a clean surface. Extractions are done if necessary, following by a refreshing facial massage to awake dull, lackluster skin. A serum infused tonic is applied while an ultra calming LED light hovers over the face to recharge the skin from the inside out. The Celluma facial is tailored to your exact needs and is not limited to repairing pre-mature aging, sensitivity, and blemish prone skin types. (60 minutes)   

MICRODERMABRASION               $99


Diamond tip wand combined with a light suction

Quick fix visibly resurfacing skin texture + clarity improving:

Rough patches, uneven skin discoloration,

Diminishes acne scars and bumps underneath the skin surface 

60 Minutes       

DERMAPLANING          $105

Advanced method of skin exfoliation, suitable for all skin types  

Uses a tool to remove multiple layers of dead skin, makeup build up & peach fuzz

Instantly creates a perfected, filtered complexion with results lasting  4*6 weeks

60 minutes  


NANONEEDLING                       $145         

Unique sphere-shaped tips to create "nano-channels."  

This gentle + relaxing exfoliating process allows a cocktail of customized blended additives including:

Skin illuminators, peptides, stem cells, moisture boosters to seep down within the channels instantly pumping and hydrating the skin's tissue

Improvement of skin texture, age spots and blemishes; diminished appearance of pores and smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles can be expected

Unlike microneedling or chemical peels the Skin Infusion does not wound the surface of the skin, so it does not require ANY downtime.r