Your go-to treatment for youthful and healthy skin. The Signature Facial features a Vitamin C + Hungarian Enzyme to dissolve and ease up trapped debris underneath the skin's surface. An ultrasonic machine using a high pulsed vibration glides over to sweep away dead skin, while also aiding in extractions and clearing out clogged pores. Our Fitness massage then works on tightening facial tissue to quickly revive aging skin. Chilled tea bags soothe tired eyes, while a clinical grade mask is slowly brushed onto the skin. A choice of two additional massages (hand, neck, scalp) and aromatherapy filling the treatment room makes a result oriented, personalized facial experience a dream come true. (75 minutes)

SPA REFRESHER             $55

​This facial is a rejuvenation boost for all ages and skin types in need of a skincare pick me up! A steam cleanse with botancial buffing grains refresh and polish the skin's surface. A soft and smooth pallette is revealed for a lavender infused hyaluronic shea butter mask to be slowly massaged into in skin's cells, relaxing facial tension and restore skin suppleness. Your skin will leaving feeling  clean, fresh and pampered.  ​(35 minutes)

TEEN FACIAL                   $85

Purify, deep cleanse pores, reduce oil production, and balance the skins surface with our skin perfecting Teen Facial. Focusing on delivering effective, yet safe ingredients into the skin to promote a sanitized environment for healthy clear skin to thrive. Willow Herb, Tea Tree and a custom blend of healing exfoliants remove blackheads and whiteheads while reducing future breakouts. A machine featuring a natural ozone creates an anti-microbial effect on the skin making the results from this facial last for weeks.  (50 minutes)


​Inhale and exhale aromatherapy from beginning to end with this ultra luxurious facial. Created with extra time to focus on the  Face as well as the Neck, Decollete + Eyes. Warm herbal steam will accompany a cleansing method designed to open the lymphatic system to drain excess fluid and toxins from the face + nasal passages. A double exfoliation featuring botanical buffing grains and triple berry enzymes will dissolve dead cells. Stem cells and peptides are infused back into the skin with an in depth recovery massage and customized mask. The decollete will be treated with the same products and steps as the face, in addition to a polishing scrub to smooth out imperfections.  A five minute Cold Stone Eye treatment with clinical grade serums will heal and hydrate dryness and awaken to lift the eye area. Your choice of a Hand, Foot or Scalp massage will have you leaving feeling like you have had the ultimate spa experience. (90 minutes)​​

 FITNESS FACIAL            $90                                                                          

​​The Fitness Facial is made to perform by using pure ingredients along with holistic facial techniques to act as your skin's personal trainer. Herbal steam activates enzymes to deep clean pores, extractions are done if necessary or requested, while an antioxidant facial massage enriched with pomegranate and vitamin B5 relaxes fine lines and renews the spirit. A therapeutic mask is selected to maximize your results all while enjoying a neck and shoulder massage.​ (60 minutes)                          


Deep cleanse, polish, and buff away impurities from your back and shoulders with products infused with Retinol, Kojic Acid, and Jojoba seeds. Enjoy, while steam mists the skin, warming the skin cell's and relaxes tried muscles. Your aesthetician will remove clogged pores and blemishes while a 30 minute session under The Celluma LED Light will aid in clearing acne and discoloration, resulting in even toned skin. (50 minutes)

PASSPORT FACIAL           $85

​Relax and unwind with a facial designed to meet all of your five senses. Skin is properly exfoliated, massaged and masked with the newest trending seasonal ingredients. Hot towels soaked in agave  nectar oil pamper your skin with every touch while anti-aging eye and lip mask is slowly applied and a decollete scrub uncovers youthful skin. A tasty treat completes this well rounded facial. ​(60 minutes)​​ 



Our most advanced form of skin rejuvenation, including full body relaxation for the client in need of a total skin make-over. This modern treatment begins with a phyto nutrient cleanse to the pores featuring 12 botanicals to prep the skin for  a pass of dermaplaning to sweep away dead skin cells. A 30 minute session of Celluma LED Light Therapy is then done to smooth out and plump fine lines and heal hormonal related blemishes. Your expert aesthetician will then select a fruit enzyme peel suitable for your skin type, targeted for your specific skincare goals. You will also receive a detailed Hand and Foot massage with one of our Farm House Fresh Shea Butter Body Milks to hydrate and uplift your mind and body. Anti-Aging serums infused with Growth Factors are then applied to the skin while cold globes tone muscles, calm and soothe, leaving you and your skin feeling ultimately refreshed. (75 minutes)