Start on a routine for clear and healthy skin. Our blue light therapy heals acne deep down in the skin follicle where P. Acne bacteria lives.  This is a natural effective method of treating acne compared to the alternative of antibiotics or other skin irritating topical. Our safe FDA approved device will promote clear skin in just a few weeks, while also aiding in speeding up the repair time on pigmented scars. This one month program consists of 2 Light Therapy treatments a week for a total of 8 treatments. ​ (45 minutes)


Our most advanced form of skin rejuvenation, including full body relaxation for the client in need of a total skin make-over. This modern treatment begins with a phyto nutrient cleanse to the pores featuring 12 botanicals to prep the skin for  a pass of mircodermabrasion to sweep away dead skin cells. A 30 minute session of Celluma LED Light Therapy is then done to smooth out and plump fine lines and heal hormonal related blemishes. Your expert aesthetician will then select a fruit enzyme peel suitable for your skin type, targeted for your specific skincare goals. You will also receive a detailed Hand and Foot massage with one of our Farm House Fresh Shea Butter Body Milks to hydrate and uplift your mind and body. Anti-Aging serums infused with Growth Factors are then applied to the skin while cold globes tone muscles, calm and soothe, leaving you and your skin feeling ultimately refreshed. (90 minutes)                                


Experience the latest trend in skin resurfacing and facial rejuvenation. This treatment utilizes a machine to speed up a cellular response within the life cycle of your skin's cells. This new growth of your own natural collagen quickly transforms the skin improving deep fold lines and wrinkles, firms and tones lax skin in the lower portion of the jowls. Results can also be seen with pore size reduction and it is an amazing treatment for both pitted and superficial acne scars. The Clinical Microneedling protocol includes a full face treatment with the Dermapen, followed by a 30 minute session under the Celluma LED Light.  24 hour downtime is to be expected.  (90 minutes)


Recharge your skin from the inside out to see an instant difference. This facial starts with an exfoliation to remove old debris revealing a clean surface. Extractions are done if necessary, following by a refreshing facial massage to awake dull, lackluster skin. A serum infused tonic is applied while an ultra calming LED light hovers over the face to recharge the skin from the inside out. The Celluma facial is tailored to your exact needs and is not limited to repairing pre-mature aging, sensitivity, and blemish prone skin types. (60 minutes)    


​Get the most of your Celluma treatments by exposing your skin to the wonders of our most popular device. This treatments includes a purifing wash infused with Grapefruit, Pineapple and Papaya  to remove makeup and lift away impurities. Followed by a 30 Minute session under the LED Lights. Perfect for a quick and result-oriented advanced treatment. Personal ear buds can be brought to your treatment to fully take advantage of your 30 minutes of relaxation time while under the lights.  (45 minutes)