A therapeutic session combining massage with various forms of stretching techniques helping to boost the recovery of sore, tight, restricted and weak muscles. Not only beneficial for athletes pre or post events, but also ideal for anyone wanting to increase flexibility, improve range of motion and alleviate pain caused by too much physical activity. Comfortable clothes are worn during each body recovery session to provide an optimal outcome. 

30 Mins              $45

4  Sessions        $160

8  Sessions        $280



A moderate to firm pressure focused on deep muscle manipulation and trigger point therapy, aiding in the recovery of chronic to severe muscle tension.  Radiating heat from Himalayan Salt Stones and warmed oil blended with Arnica, Lavender and Lemongrass help reduce inflammation to melt way aches and pains, creating a feeling of restored balance.

60  Mins    $75

90  Mins    $105  

120 Mins   $150

​​NECK + SHOULDER RELIEF                           

A synergistic full body massage with additional time being spent on soothing aches and pains in the Neck + Shoulders area. Therapeutic massage gel and hot stones aids in relieving soreness, stiff muscles, while customized pressure point techniques and light stretching improve your range of motion bring full restoration to your body.


35 Mins  $45

60 Mins  $65

90 Mins  $95

 AROMA MASSAGE                                      

A light-to-medium pressure massage using primarily Swedish techniques to help the mind and body relax to relief body tension from sore and stressed muscles. Your choice of essential oils will fill the room with aromatherapy when blended into a warm oil and massaged into the entire body. Our Aroma Massage allows for deeper relaxation, a still mind and a greater sense of well-being.  

30 Mins   $45

60 Mins   $65

90 Mins   $95​​


Expecting Mommies will enjoy our prenatal massage! This massage will relieve and relax tense muscles and increase circulation to help address the common discomforts during pregnancy. All while protecting both mother and child during the massage. (Please be advised that it’s not recommended to receive massage in the first trimester of your pregnancy).​ 

30 Mins  $40 

60 Mins  $65