1. Thoroughly exfoliate the skin and shave the day before your tanning session.

2. Avoid wearing makeup, moisturizers, and deodorant to your appointment. This could act as a barrier to the spray tan and stops the color from developing properly.

3. Wear or bring dark colored, loose fitting clothing and sandals to wear after your tanning session to avoid rubbing against newly tanned skin.

4. Schedule workouts, waxing and manicure/pedicure appointments BEFORE your tanning session and not again until the following day. 

Looking for an alternative from the harmful effects of the sun, but still want the appearance of glowing sun-kissed skin? Our signature spray tan offers just that! We take all measure to assure your tan looks flawless, no orange, striking, or unpleasant smells. What's our secret? We custom blend each solution to match your skin's natural undertone. This process along with a professional tanning expert who mists the solution onto the skin with an airbrush machine. This makes an accurate product application when compared to at-home creams, or walk-in booths. Our rapid drying solution requires only 2-4 hours of developing time before rinsing off, making sunless tanning a more convenient process. Leaving you with a natural bronzed tan lasting for 10-14 days.

Single Tan                                                   $40

Unlimited Monthly Tanning                         $120 

Package of 6                                               $210


‚Äč1. Do not shower, or get wet for 1-4 hours following your appointment. 

2. Keeping your skin hydrated will ensure that your tan last it's longest. Moisturize using a lotion, free of mineral oil is recommended at least twice daily.   

3. Avoid using scrubs and scented body wash containing sulfates as this will break down the spray tan faster.

4. Always apply an oil-free sunscreen before sun exposure since the solution does not contain UV protection.