SIGNATURE FACIAL           $120

+++      Skin analysis determines skin type:
              Nourishing oil cleanse
              Triple action organic scrub
              Enzyme peeling cream
              Ultrasonic pore detox machine 
              Herbal steam with extractions
              Fitness facial massage
              Hydro jelly electrolyte mask treating
              Face, Eyes + Lips
              Omega 3 repair complex 
              Neck & Shoulder with additional choice of 
              Hand or Scalp massage 

              75 Minutes


Holistic facial massage techniques combined with high performance skincare creates the bases of our most saute after facials.  Each skincare service include a professional skincare analysis allowing your esthetician a deeper look under the skin's surface to customized a tailored treatment plan just for you. Our range of skincare is formulated with natural botanicals, essential oils and cutting-edge scientific technologies which we believe are the gold standard in treating age-defying, acne, scarring, discoloration and other skincare issues.

All product are free from harsh chemicals, artificial dyes, artificial fragrances, sulfates, zinc oxide and petrochemicals, coral-reef safe and always, cruelty-free.

          SPA REFRESHER       $60

         Skin analysis determines skin type:
             Nourishing oil cleanse
             Triple action organic scrub
             Herbal steam
             Fitness facial massage 
             Hylourinc acid shea butter mask 

             35 Minutes


++++     Everything listed in Signature Facial with additional: 
              Treatment including the neck & decollete
              20% Lactic + Green Tea Peel
              Seaweed liposome anti-oxidant booster
              High frequency ozone stimulation for cellular purification
 and toning 

              90 Minutes 

            FITNESS FACIAL         $90 


      ++      Skin analysis determines skin type:
                 Nourishing oil cleanse
                 Triple action organic scrub
                 Enzyme peeling cream
                 Herbal steam with extractions 
                 Fitness facial massage 
                 Chilled tea bag eye treatment
                 Vitamin C mask
                 Neck + Shoulder massage  

                 60 Minutes